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Fiery Battle

Dragons of drapia

Dragon Feature

Dragon have high health and physical defence. Ideal tanker of team with good damage reduction. Medium attack but accuracy and low dodge. Especialy weak at magical defence and attack speed.

Manual attack on single target, skill mostly support for defence.

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Our team

Mr. Tu Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Toan Nguyen

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Tam Dang

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Son Aris

Head of Creative

Mr. Quan Idea

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Ton Le

Ai Vr/Ar Expert

Dr. Tuan Giang

Network/blockchain expert

Mr. Kev

Project manager/
Game designer

Mr. Tuan Le

Head of sales

Mr. Long Dinh

Head of blockchain

Mr. Tung Kiem

Head of partnership

Mr. Tung Chu

Head of funding

Mr. Trung Le

Community Manager

Mr. Ted Nguyen

Product Owner

Mr. Dat Duong

Blockchain Developer


Mr. Nam Nguyen

Funding Advisor

FOUNDER and CEO of TAG Ventures
COO of Gourmet Galaxy

Mr. Van Hoang

Security Advisor

Chairman of Savis

Mr. Tuan Dang

Blockchain Advisor

Inventor of Vietkey
Chief Technology Officer at
DeFi For You

Ms. Nga Nguyen

Investment/Funding Advisor

Vice President, Investment
Banking Division,
KB Security Korea, KB Group

Mr. Phuc Nguyen

Wallet & Backend
Technology Advisor

Former CEO of Monpay
(Sold for Vingroup/VinID 2019)

Mr. Nam Bui

Marketplace Advisor

CEO and Founder So Ban Hang
Former Chief of Commerce in
Lazada Vietnam

Backers & Partners